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Arizona Central Small Business 
New York Daily News
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19th Hole--Business Profiles
Mr. Youth Inc.--Business Continuity Plan
Nation's Business--Guide to New Borrowing Method for Businesses
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Marketing Materials for Small Businesses and Large Corporations 

Publicity and Press Release Writing 

Placements in Financial Publications, Magazines, Newspapers, Websites and Broadcast Media Outlets

Seasoned professionals powered with years of extensive experience in writing and editing

Exceptional attention to detailcreative flair and 
unwavering aptitude in maximizing quality writing 
in fast-paced and highly competitive environments.

Experts in developing rational judgment in critical and 
time-constrained projects. 

Deliver on-time and high-quality professional 
business writing. 

Ability to provide standardized and streamlined processes 
through application of complex publishing tools and techniques. 

Adept in all facets of business marketingsalespublicity
public relations and management

Lead cross-functional teams in producing quality 
magazine articlesweb content and publications

Effectively work in a team environment; dedicated to promoting 
achievement of clients’ goals. 

These are Some of the Clients and Publications We Have Written for:
Marketing, Public Relations and Publicity
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